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Bert’s Place Too


To provide teens, between the ages of 15 to 18 living in foster care, with comprehensive life skills services. Specifically, Bert’s Place TOO provides Clinical and Educational Support, Vocational Training, Independent Life Skills Training and Home Life Support services, in a safe, and nurturing environment.


Prevent homelessness, substance abuse, crime, domestic violence and child abuse, in young adults discharged from foster care programs.

Provide Participants with a safe and nurturing environment that will allow them to develop, learn and practice independent life skills.

Reduce the rate of young adults discharged from foster care programs usage of already overburdened government adult assistance programs.

Prepare Participants to make a smooth transition to a less restrictive living environment.


Bert’s Place TOO Participants will receive the following services:



Bert’s Place TOO is thriving. It’s is currently full to capacity and the participants are working hard to achieve excellence. A College Tour is scheduled again this year. More information to come.


After 4 years of hard work, Bert’s Place TOO is open. The grand Opening Ceremony was held on July 1, 2009. Several supporters and Dignitaries were present to witness the event. We celebrated with repass, slide shows and open house. We received participants immediately.


Finally, After several years of construction, we were happy to announce the erection of our 4th program…Bert’s Place Too. An Open House was held on December 18, 2007. Several people attended the Open House and was given a tour of the fully furnished facility.


Groundbreaking Ceremony was held in September 2005. Linden Contractors completed the construction of the customized sectional home for us. Many attended. Several problems occurred and the building of the house was delayed many times.

Finally, we have a state of the arts facility fully equipped to service the needs of our future Participants.

An Independent Living Preparatory Program for Girls ages 15-18

►24 hour Staff Support and Supervision

►Home Life Support

►Educational Support

►Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

►Vocational Training

►On-Site Supportive Counseling

►Therapeutic Recreation

►Substance Abuse Education

►Nutritional Training

►Computer Literacy Training

►Clinical Support


To provide older adolescents ages 16-21 who are living in long-term foster care, with an opportunity to learn and practice independent life skills in a safe and supportive environment.

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To provide teens, between the ages of 15 to 18 living in foster care, with comprehensive life skills services and training in order to prepare them for a less restrictive living environment  such as Challengers.....

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